Averin HelpDesk

Averin HelpDesk



  1. Does the organization that we've efektive Leads?
  2. Does the Children's Fruit We are already working with True? or does not work
  3. Does everyone in the organization is already working on satisfying the priorities?
  4. Are We already provide a clear and correct command?
  5. Lest kitanya not give any commands?
  6. Does the manager have been working and giving orders to the staff properly?
  7. Have we been able to measure the performance of all who are in the people we lead?
  8. Are we doing the assessment pattern on employee right?
    • Subyektive
    • Obyektive
  9. Are the people we are a shortage / surplus of people?


  1. Provided fasiliatas to monitor all the activities undertaken by employees
  2. Perform concept, "Do what you wrote, Write what you do"
  3. All orders from superiors to subordinates done in written form
  4. Create Facility "easy" for the casting of kosep above
  5. HelpDesk System - Performance is Answers of the Problem
  6. With these systems all work can be documented, monitored, measured and can be accounted objectivity

WHAT IT HelpDesk–Performance

  1. Recording System Works that are intended to record all activities performed by all organizational units
  2. The employer shall make an order to his subordinates directly
  3. Subordinate will do the job of his boss in the form of work orders, and jobs that come from their on initiative
  4. The results of the work reported directly to his boss that his boss can assess the results of the work of subordinates either a command or job comes from subordinates initiative
  5. With this system throughout the facility supervisor and management will always be able to monitor the activities of their subordinates
  6. At each end of the month the system will automatically generate performance output per employee, Section, Department, even across organizational performance
  7. Provided the parameters of the assessment system so that the company's progress can be measured
  8. This system is made such that it is very easy in use

overview HelpDesk- performance

  1. The Director instructed the manager accompanied by Employment Priority, Due Date and the weight of the job
    • Weight 1 = Work Light
    • Bobor 2 = Work Medium
    • Weight = 3 Work Weight
  2. The Manager will see the list of duties of directors and would distribute the work to subordinates with the same scheme (Priority, Due Date, and Weight)
  3. The same treatment is applied to the job manager to subordinates for which they are responsible manager
  4. After selsasi work done by the staff manager will make the process acc to see the work that is done by staft, and the manager gives the value of each job
    • Value 1 = Less than Once
    • Value 2 = Less
    • Value 3 = Enough
    • Value 4 = Good
    • 5 = Very Good Value
  5. The Director of the assessment after a report from manager
  6. The entire job can monitor status
    • The new work (not yet done)
    • Work is in working
    • Work has been completed
    • Work has been in the ACC
    • Work on the Decline
    • Work is canceled
  7. The performance of each person used as material ratings
    Achievement = (Weight x Value) / 2
  8. Each employee will get the activity done some point, but for the work that is very light weight = 0, but it is still recognized as the performance is concerned that will be accumulated in the amount of work performed
  9. Number of work each month will be counted as a factor that achievement index is called index performance
    • Number of Jobs 1-15 = Bad One
    • Number of Jobs 16-20 = Poor
    • Number of Jobs 20-25 = Enough
    • Number of Jobs 26-30 = Diligent
    • Number of Jobs> 30 = Rajin Once
  10. Performance is calculated from (Total Performance Performance + Indes) / 2
    • The value of achievement = 1, Less than Once
    • The value of achievement = 2, Less
    • The value of achievement = 2, Self
    • The value of achievement = 3, Good
    • The value of achievement = 5, Good One
  11. Output



    • "worked wonders for our business..."
    • The works they did for us was absolutely fantastic. They really worked wonders for our business, which before them was floundering,BLA....
    • by Michael Enky - Made up company
    • "worked wonders for our business..."
    • The works they did for us was absolutely fantastic. They really worked wonders for our business, which before them was floundering,BLA....
    • by Temy- Made up company